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Tutor Bio

Mr Fok

has been teaching since his undergraduate days in the year 2005.

He is not only passionate about the subject, but also zealous as a teacher, mentor and educator. He adopts a sincere approach towards teaching, favouring simple explanations and relatable anecdotes to illustrate his concepts, which has worked wonders for his students. This approach also means that there is no one dozing off in his lessons – many of his students are surprised that they can stay awake during an Economics lesson. His charismatic teaching has proven to be effective amongst his students who have benefitted from it greatly and he in turn has earned the trust of parents and students alike. Having been in the media spotlight and recognized as an acclaimed tutor, Mr Anthony Fok continues to be the top choice amongst parents and students for Economics tuition in Singapore.

Despite the success and growth of JC Economics Education Centre, he has chosen not to expand the centre in the name of profits. Instead, he continues to uphold the quality of his lessons so as to benefit his students.