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Frequently asked questions

Tuition is something that has been rather controversial in Singapore. If the education system is as good as it is being touted, surely there is no need for tuition? Well, parents/students should note that tuition does not actually serve as a replacement for school teaching. It supplements and complements it, filling the gaps where the school cannot meet a students’ needs, for various reasons such as large class size or packed curriculum. Tuition may not be “necessary”, but it is useful in that it can make learning less of a struggle, especially for students who are not as adept in the subject as they would like.

It depends on whether students prefer a comfortable marathon or a sprint where they will be left gasping for breath. Students who join tuition early will have more practice, and as cliché as it sounds, practice does make perfect. Students who try to cram will have lesser chances of success compared to those who have been equipping themselves with exam-skills since day one of the race.

This depends on the students’ needs. One-to-one tuition can be unnerving or stressful for students, but it can ensure their personalised attention. Group tuition offers a peer learning environment that students may be more welcome to. At JC Economics Education Centre, while most of the lessons are conducted lecture style, individualized attention is not being sacrificed as students can request for personal consultation as well. Group tuition is arguably more efficient since students can pick up what they need to learn quickly during lectures, and then clarify concepts they are personally unclear about individually.

It would be meaningless to tout the number of distinctions achieved by our students over the years. You are likely to be more concerned about how YOU or your child will perform. Many of our students improve, some of them dramatically and almost miraculously. What we have observed from these students is their willingness to put in the effort and their ability to absorb what is being taught in JC Economics Education Centre’s lessons. If one is diligent and resilient, one need not worry because lessons at JC Economics Education Centre will definitely help you to improve!