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Hear from some of our students on what they have to say about JC Economics Tuition Centre! For more testimonials, please visit this page.

“Dr Fok has always been an extremely patient, funny and insightful economics teacher. Not only is he super enthusiastic to share with his economics knowledge, but also quite useful life advices that we can use in the future. I have definitely gain a lot from his teaching and as well as model essays that had better helped me grasped the relevant economic contents, ensuring the quality of essays written.”
Tan Wei Hui
National Junior College
“Dr Fok's lessons go beyond teaching economics -- he teaches us how to succeed in life. I am heartened that he shows concern for his students beyond just their econs grade. By enrolling in his class, you not only gain a better understanding of economics, but also a valuable connection for life.”
Chow Yen Kit
Victoria Junior College
“Dr Fok is an excellent and compassionate tutor. His lessons are always enjoyable as he tries his best to entertain the students with Econs-related stories to help us better understand the concepts taught, while keeping our attention. Dr Fok is sincere and genuinely cares for his students. He is even willing to give lessons to students who are unable to afford the tuition fees for free. Moreover, he is well-grounded in his concepts and is able to answer any queries students may have.”
Nat Lim
Raffles Institution
“Dr Fok is a very engaging and dedicated teacher. His lessons are very clear and easy to understand and he often highlights and repeats the important points to help us memorise the key concepts. He also goes the extra miles to give extra resources to help us. His lessons are never boring and he will bring in real life stories to help explain his economic concepts. Really recommend him!
Serena Koh
Eunoia Junior College
“Dr Fok is an extremely passionate teacher who is very well versed at his craft. His lessons are very engaging and easily digestible. He reiterates and also engages his students through the use of stories which helps to further improve their memory on important points. He also helps students mark their work and give personalised comments in order to help them to improve. His teaching method will allow students to improve easily.”
Yishun Innova Junior College
“Dr Fok is such an effective teacher. He allowed me to remember the various concepts really easily by constantly repeating them every lesson. He also trains us by teaching us the various keywords in questions to enable us to answer any econs question! Thank you Dr Fok for the past 1 year of teaching me econs. I am really grateful for your lessons!”
Yuan Shan
Raffles Institution
“BEST ECONS TEACHER EVER. I came for him lessons one month before a levels because I did badly for prelims, I learned SOOOO MUCHHH. He picks CSQs carefully for every lessons so that we cover all the learning outcomes. JOIN AND YOU WILL NOT REGRET”
Ong Si Hui
Yishun Innova Junior College
“Dr Fok, is a very down-to-earth and caring teacher. He is extremely willing to share his experiences and his journey with us to give us a new perspective in life. Moreover, he is always approachable and available to ask questions. He also highlights important sections of econs/study methods to do to maximize our time especially since the econs syllabus is q dense by giving us exposure to different types of qns and case studies”
Josephine Iksan
Raffles Institution
“Mr Fok is a very caring tutor for his students and wishes the best for them at all times. Not only does he provide good lesson materials, he also goes the extra mile outside of regular lesson time to ensure his students have grasped difficult concepts. He also uses real life examples to explain certain concepts and make lessons more engaging, and these stories teach us certain values that make us become better people as well.”
Nathaniel Goh
Raffles Institution
“Dr Fok is a very dedicated tutor who goes out of the way to help his students, especially those who are less privileged or less fortunate. He cares about not leaving any student behind. Unlike other Economic tutors who are generally profit-driven, Dr Fok has the heart to help his students and often support after lesson hours. Not only does he teach Economics, he models the way to be a decent human being who is compassionate to those in need. His witty and humorous characteristic makes his lessons very engaging and enjoyable. Passionate about teaching and believing in giving his best, Dr Fok spares no effort in curating detailed notes and preparing quality videos that are highly sought after. I have never regretted attending his lessons and I am sure that future students will also enjoy his lessons the way I did.”
Amanda Chua
Catholic Junior College
“Dr Fok is the most passionate teacher I have met as he truly practices what he preaches. He weaves in real world current events into his lessons to make his lessons more enjoyable and realistic. He stays up nearer to major exams and sacrifices his time to answer students last questions. His economics knowledge is robust and is bound you help you score that A you need in economics. As graduates from his class, I highly recommend joining his econs tuition”
Jun Hunn
Jurong Pioneer Junior College
“Dr Fok is able to explain economics concepts and frameworks clearly and it is easy to understand. He also gives out plentiful amount of notes and model essays to give us good references to improve our essays. He also offers to mark essays that we can write and submit to him. Before A levels, he also offers last minute consultations where one can text him to clarify any doubts they have. He has helped me improve my economics understanding greatly and would definitely recommend him to others.”
Mao Chen Fong
Anderson Serangoon Junior College
“Dr Fok is a friendly and passionate economics teacher who will provide you with the necessary knowledge and materials to do well. He highlights the key concepts to take note of and clarifies any doubts promptly.”
National Junior College
“Dr Fok is one of the most dedicated teachers i have had. He puts his heart and soul into every lesson he gives, and will do his best to answer all of our queries and provide endless resources for our studies. He also leaves us with numerous life lessons which can help us in life in the future.”
Dunman High School
“Dr Fok’s lessons are concise and he teaches us economics in a way that is very easy to understand, he also provides many sample CSQs and essays that are good for revision! He is always willing to answer any questions and clarify any doubts we have about economics. His lessons are always entertaining and enriching and being with Dr Fok since the beginning of JC1 has made learning economics much easier despite it being a new subject! :)”
Nicole Chay
National Junior College

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